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More on VMsafe from Chris Hoff

Chris Hoff has a very good (and entertaining) post about the impact of VMsafe on the providers of "Firewalls, IDS/IPSs, UTM, NAC, DLP" ... a sector that he considers as being on life-support and suffering from a severe case of consolidation.

To his point about VMware's willingness to sign on new partners, I'm still at some pains to find out just how open/public the VMsafe API will be and on what time frame. Does anyone out there have definitive information on this? Any of the existing VMsafe partners willing to talk about it?

Rational Survivability: VMWare's VMSafe: Security Industry Defibrilator....Making Dying Muscle Twitch Again.

... VMSafe represents a huge opportunity for these vendors to claw their way back to life, making their solutions relevant once more, and perhaps even more so.

Most of the companies who have so far signed on to VMsafe will, as I mentioned previously, need to align roadmaps and release new or modified versions of their product lines to work with the new API's and management planes.

This is obviously a big deal, but one that is unavoidable for these companies -- most of which are clumbsy and generally not agile or responsive to third parites.  However, you don't get 20 of some of the biggest "monoliths" of the security world scrambling to sign up for a program like VMsafe just for giggles -- and the reality is that the platform version of VMware's virtualization products that will support this technology aren't even available yet.

I am willing to wager that you will, in extremely short time given VMware's willingness to sign on new partners, see many more vendors flock to the program.  I further maintain that despite their vehement denial, NAC vendors (with pressure already from the oncoming tidal wave of Microsoft's NAP) will also adapt their wares to take advantage of this technology for reasons I've outlined here. ...

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