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MSFT to Craft it's own VMsafe?

Virtualization.info has a short but interesting post, which refers to a parenthetical comment from Chris Hoff which might imply that MSFT is considering / working on a VMsafe-like framework.

Is Microsoft working on a VMsafe-like framework? | virtualization.info

So far Microsoft didn't took an official position about the topic but virtualization.info had the opportunity to speak with several representatives who clearly stated how carefully the company is evaluating the security implications of a VMsafe-like approach.

Nonetheless Microsoft may be working to build the internal know-how needed to achieve the task.

Just two months ago in fact Microsoft acquired a small security firm focused on rootkit detection called Komoku.

As Christopher Hoff, Chief Security Architect at Unisys, recently discovered, Komoku did some research in the past, presenting a solution for Xen where virtual machines can do self-diagnosis and self-healing as well as learning to protect against subsequent attacks. ...

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