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Power Sources and OpEx Savings

Tim Oren hasn't been slowed down by a broken pin. And he's dead on when pointing out the fact that management overhead for virtualization in the data center could hinder virtualization's ability to reduce both capex and opex. We at Replicate are signing up to address the network side of the problem.

Tim Oren's Due Diligence

Aluminum smelters and data centers. Are alike in needed abundant and reliable electrical power. So the Columbia River valley is growing a crop of server farms. The Economist article notes that virtualization technology can be applied to migrate processing to where the juice is cheaper, as well as optimize the number of servers powered up to handle the given workload. Indeed, virtualization management startups are being reflagged as 'green' as fast as the PPT decks and web sites can be rewritten. Remapping the network connections, storage and other resources used by virtualized processes could sink any savings into a sea of management overhead if not optimized as well.

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