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Kudos to Vanity Fair. Nice job!

Thanks to a tweet from Paul Kedrosky, I got to end the evening reading (and listening to) a really fun, oral history. They had me at the lead-in picture of Len Kleinrock, Paul Baran and Larry Roberts.

How the Web Was Won: Entertainment & Culture: vanityfair.com

To observe this year’s twin anniversaries, Vanity Fair set out to do something that has never been done: to compile an oral history, speaking with scores of people involved in every stage of the Internet’s development, from the 1950s onward. From more than 100 hours of interviews we have distilled and edited their words into a concise narrative of the past half-century—a history of the Internet in the words of the people who made it. ...

Paul Baran: At the beginning there was a different attitude
than today. Now everyone is concerned about making money, or
reputation. It was different then. We all wanted to help one another.
There was no competition, really, on most things. It was a total open
flow of information. There were no games. There are so many others who
did equally good work, and their names are just forgotten. We were all
a bunch of young whippersnappers.

Bob Metcalfe: It was nerd city.

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