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Kensho - Will OVF make it to the next rung?

Grid Today's story on Kensho (Citrix' OVF tools) was a bit disappointing, if for no other reason than no one using Kensho other than Citrix would speak to its details. Replicate is pleased to have been extensively quoted, but it was clear that while we think quite highly of OVF and its potential, we don't have much insight into what Kensho brings to the party.

Citrix Says Kensho Tools Mean Hypervisor Liberation

Virtual appliances that can run in any virtual environment. It sounds almost like a campaign promise. But to realize that promise, someone has to give developers tools to build those appliances. That’s what Citrix says it will deliver in the next couple months with Project Kensho: tools that ISVs and in-house IT staff can use to create application machines that will run in any of the virtual environments, be it VMware ESX, Citrix XenServer, or Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.
Update 8/11/08: Looks like the Citrix folks have thought this out and it DOES make sense as the way in which they can unify the Xen community around the OVF "standard." Pretty interesting to see how this will impact the relationship between Citrix and Microsoft.

Citrix will offer OVF tools for free and open source | virtualization.info

... Last week at the LinuxWorld conference the company CTO Simon Crosby added another key information: the core of those tools will be available free of charge as open source technology.

This implies that other Xen-based products (like the ones from Virtual Iron, Novell, Red Hat and Oracle) will be able to implement the OVF support much faster.

Crosby also said that the project Kensho will support a number of virtual disk formats including the one that Amazon is using in its Xen-based cloud computing infrastructure EC2: the AMI (Amazon Machine Image). ...

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