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Does Paul Maritz have two jobs?

Coffee today with a friend, who claims that Paul Maritz continues to be President, Cloud Infrastructure and Services Division at EMC Corporation, as well as President and CEO of VMware, Inc. I can't verify this, but if it's true it puts still more weight behind the possibility that VMware is getting into the "cloud computing" business.

What would it say about EMC's view of VMware that they would consider a company with a $US 13.33B market cap as a portion of the Cloud Infrastructure and Services Division? Whoa.

Green Data Center Blog: The Virtual Data Center, VMware's next move?

... VMware is getting ready for big announcements in October, a month after Microsoft's Hyper-V launch.

You add up the management changes of Paul Maritz, 120,000 of data center space, and VMware's upcoming announcements. I am guessing VMware will announce its Virtual Data Center - cloud computing initiative.

Imagine what VMware could build using all its tools and lease out a Virtual Data Center. They could change the hosting model from the extremes of rent your own space or Amazon's Web Services. ...

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