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VMware Studio... I gotcher OVF right here!

For all the news about the Citrix Project Kensho as well as the other approaches to cross-environment standards for virtual appliance description, VMware has been consistent and low-key in their support of OVF.  VMware Studio 1.0 seems to steal a bit of thunder from Kensho, but in the end it's clear that having all the "majors" working diligently toward a useful and viable OVF is a boon to the industry as a whole.

VMware Studio - VMware

VMware Studio 1.0 enables software developers and hardware appliance vendors to build customized virtual appliances that can be shipped in industry standard Open Virtualization Format (OVF). VMware Studio 1.0 provides convenient management features such as a web-based console with quick-start templates to streamline the authoring process of virtual appliances, and a command-line interface to enable the automation of management tasks and empower VMware Studio 1.0 to act as an extension of appliance vendors’ existing build and source control systems. VMware Studio 1.0 leverages the industry’s leading virtualization platform, VMware Infrastructure (VI), and offers built appliances all the great management services that VI delivers. VMware Studio 1.0 also allows virtual appliance vendors to periodically publish updates directly to the deployed appliances, thereby reducing the cost of ongoing maintenance and providing customers with higher quality software. VMware Studio 1.0 is available for free, click the download link below to get started.

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