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What will Cisco announce at VMworld?

Allen Leinwand makes an interesting prediction in GigaOM that Cisco will support VMware VMs on their networking hardware.  He then goes on to outline why it would be an important move for Cisco in their efforts to remain not only relevant, but central in the enterprise-class virtualized datacenter.  He also lays out some of the downside for enterprise customers -- most specifically the inability to leverate the Intel X86 server ecosystem to their complete advantage.

As I was pondering this, I noticed a "tweet" from Doug Gourlay (and I quote):

Allan Leinwand had a good guess on GigaOm, but not quite :). Keep 'em coming

OK, so that's "not quite" what Cisco has up its sleeve. 

What's my guess?  I don't think I have enough insight to put myself in the role of the product management powers-that-be at CSCO.  I'm not a network hardware guy.

What might make an interesting offer?  From my point of view, anything that Cisco can deliver that unifies the virtual network infrastructure now available within the VMware virtual machine environments and the physical (Cisco) server access network would be welcome. 

Hey... Where is that distributed virtual switch we heard about a little over a year ago?  Yeah... that would be interesting.  Oh, and while you're at it ... could you please make the virtual switch to which I associate VMs a "stackable" switch for the purpose of making network configuration for production computing more viable?

Well... hardly a prediction.  More a wishlist, isn't it?


I just saw this on the VMworld Underground site:

After the weekend the Nexsus 1000 will be launched by Cisco, this virtual switch has 255 ports and it's own IP-address.

Eric Sloof

Hmmm.  Be careful what you wish for!

Cisco to Support VMware? - GigaOM

Cisco Systems will support VMware virtual machines on their networking hardware? There’s buzz around Silicon Valley that there will be a big announcement made at VMworld next week in Las Vegas, and that’s my prediction as to what it will be. The integration of virtual machines and networking, which was signaled last year when Cisco invested heavily in VMware just prior to the virtualization company’s IPO, would have numerous ramifications, not only for the two companies, but the networking industry overall.

If my prediction comes true, it would help Cisco remain relevant in the data center, allowing it to do more than move IP packets between servers. It would also entrench the company into the enterprise, distancing themselves even further from the likes of Juniper Networks and 3Com, both of whom have struggled against Cisco to gain some toehold in the enterprise infrastructure marketplace.

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