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The fog around Cisco's announcement starts to dissipate

I made it to Las Vegas and VMworld, despite delays.  On firing up the browser, I see that the contents in Hoff's schwag bag, includes a flyer entitled "Introducing Cisco's Virtual Switch for VMware ESX."  He's set out a few more of the questions we're all asking ourselves.  Should be a fun couple of days here in Vegas.

Rational Survivability

I have dozens of questions like: I wonder how much of the Nexus (7000 series)/IOS-XE code cross-pollinates over (if any) to this solution and if we'll see capabilities such as STP/PVST+/Private VLANs, HSRP, Multicast, etc. make their way into Cisco's vSwitch.

Further, as Ed Haletky and I unofficially bet over drinks this evening, I wonder if it will be a direct replacement for VMware's at-boot loadable module or it will co-exist? I bet the former. ;)

In addition to the "cSwitch," there are a couple of sessions I am very, very interested in attending given my exposure to VFrame and some Cisco engineers/architects at last year's show:

Simplify VMotion with Virtual Machine–Aware Network and Storage Services
See how network and storage services can be linked to a virtual machine so they move with VMotion events.

ESX Server in a Unified Fabric Environment
See how ESX Server works in a unified fabric environment with ESX 3.5 U2, Emulex Converged Network Adaptors, and the Cisco Nexus 5000.

VFrame: Enriching ESX Deployment with End-to-End Orchestration
Cisco’s VFrame DC 1.2 provides an easy-to-use template-based provisioning approach for rapid, repeatable, and compliant provisioning of ESX Servers. Through a rich set of networking and storage orchestration capabilities, it reduces the time required to bring up ESX clusters while providing operational scalability to manage large clusters effectively.

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