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And, meanwhile, in Gotham City ...

Network World reports on a presentation at InterOp in New York by Joshua Corman, principal security analyst for IBM/ISS.  The major message seems to be that virtualization requires significantly greater attention to management discipline and the enforcement of policies.  Without this attention, virtualization in the datacenter represents a serious security risk.

In defining Replicate's products, this very issue ... the sociology and organizational impact of multiple management domains ... has played a big part in our thinking, as has the means by which to reduce the complexity inherent in managing the virtualized datacenter.  Corman's characterization of the tribal nature of the datacenter organizations is spot on, as is his assessment of the problems that result from it.

People a big security threat to virtualization, Interop speaker says - Network World

Just as teams of server, network, security and application specialists typically oversee the deployment of traditional physical server farms, the same group should plan virtual rollouts, Corman said. But often, the security team is left out and server administrators may inherit the responsibility without the proper expertise. “Before there was a healthy balance of skill sets distributed well [among a variety of administrators],” he said.

This lack of balance generates unproductive finger pointing when things go awry and in some cases creates grabs for power as IT staff recognizes a shift in how work is being distributed. In either case, security can suffer, Corman said.

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