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Attention Span 2009.04.26

What caught my eye and engaged my time this week:

SAP Virtualization Week

The third 'virtualization week' in the annual series and the third I've attended. I've always learned a lot at these events, and it's one of the best venues to meet and truly converse with other attendees. Always a pleasure and thought provoking experience.

Under the Radar Cloud Computing 2009.04.24

Dealmaker Media's series of conferences -- this one showcased startups in the cloud computing arena. Another great source of timely information, zeitgeist and good conversation.


This is a long-standing soapbox. I've found it frustrating to be so uninformed about the DMTF's efforts regarding the creation of OVF 1.1 and 2.0. By keeping even the highest level indicators of charter and objectives under wraps, the DMTF is doing themselves (and those of us who aren't members of DMTF) no favors. It leads us to expressions of concern and frustration like Lori MacVittie's OVF: A few layers short of a full stack.

IP Address Management

Folks like Greg Ness at InfoBlox are doing a great job educating the technology public about the state of IP address management in the enterprise, and the (surprising) diseconomies and threats involved. But, I found Denise Dubie's article on Managing IP addresses with free tools quite worthwhile, both for the pointers to interesting OSS projects but also as an anecdotal reportage of IT management's reaction to the issue.

information aesthetics

Feeding my amateur's love of data visualization, I just re-discovered this site.


A heatmap style visualization of breaking news. Multiple languages, organized by country and organized by high-level topic areas (e.g. world news, national, business, sports, ...)

World Builder

A holodeck environment designer creates the ultimate romantic bouquet for his love, including obsessing about the one flaw he sees after it's too late to fix.

World Digital Library

The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world. High quality, high resolution photos and scans of documents, maps and artifacts from as early as 8000 BC to the present. More of a memory palace than a library.


ZFS based open NAS/iSCSI for the enterprise, based on virtualized storage.

VMware's vSphere

What can I say? The dog-and-pony show this week was pretty good. The amount of really new information about feature and function was nominal, but the understanding of packaging, pricing and the timing starts to provide a sense of its impending release to the world at large. Oh, and a pretty good "guide" to what's happening in vSphere.

Cloud Slam '09

A virtual conference on Cloud Computing, presented via WebEx, April 20-24. I'm not sure if one can still register in order to get access to the recorded sessions. I certainly HOPE so.

How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write

Steven Johnson's very perceptive (as usual) and thought provoking article on eBooks, eBook readers and the nature of book publishing. (WSJ online, so it requires subscription.)


This UI almost makes me want to use Windows... ALMOST...


And, in the continuing taste testing for twitter clients, I'm finding that I'm using Nambu and Seesmic Desktop almost exclusively, but just found this one this morning and ... it's close to overwhelming. Browser based, and therefore requires you to provide your twitter credentials to them...(which I'm loath to do unless they've been vetted): 'PeopleBrowsr is a simple visual dashboard that adds more power to Twitter, your other online identities and those of your friends.'

Before providing your login information, use it by selecting the 'skip login' URL. I've tried it with my test account using Safari 4 beta, and it's REALLY good!!


A couple I forgot ...


Matt Asay's article was one of the best I encountered this week in my mini-project to look through the issues regarding OSS licensing and the deployment of such projects as services.

Reading Design Fiction

Bruce Sterling rarely fails to entertain and enlighten. This is some wonderful insight into the culture that fosters science fiction.

What the user base genuinely wanted was immersive fantasies. They wanted warmly supportive subcultures in which they could safely abandon their cruelly limiting real-life roles, and play semi-permanent dress-up.

News Timeline

Andy Hertzfeld's latest and greatest. Well done!!

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