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Attention Span 2009.04.27

This is what caught my attention today:


The IETF announced the formation of an official working group to cover Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP). It's been brewing for a couple of years, and has piqued by interest because of its relevance to cloud interoperability and interworking.


Given my personal love of applications that use intelligent filtering and analysis of data to detect "weak signals" in economics, politics and health, this week's obsession with swine flu and the possibilities brought Veratect to my attention.


Following on the thought of using intelligent models and natural language in conjunction with serious analysis, I can't help but squirm in anticipation of the release of Wolfram|Apha. Reading stories from folks who've actually had a look at it serves only to heighten the anticipation.

DMTF Open Cloud Standards Incubator

In addition to the VMAN initiative and, specifically, the Open Virtualizaiton Format (OVF), DMTF’s Open Cloud Standards Incubator will focus on standardizing interactions between cloud environments by developing cloud resource management protocols, packaging formats and security mechanisms to facilitate interoperability.


Forbes.com article quoting Bill Coleman that Cassatt is "close to the end." Company's been quietly shopped, but to no avail. It's another example of great vision and poor depth perception. (Something with which I am ALL to familiar.)

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