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Attention Span 2009.04.30 (Evening Edition)

What caught my attention:

Federal government cloud adoption will triple by 2013

Government agencies are moving slower on cloud computing than the IT industry as a whole, but federal government spending on the cloud will nearly triple by 2013, a new report says.

“Adoption has been slow; federal and state and local government organizations are gun-shy about migrating capabilities – especially mission-critical capabilities – to ‘the cloud,’” market research firm INPUT states in Evolution of the Cloud: The Future of Cloud Computing in Government. “However, the convergence of tight budgets, aggressive market players, and increasing acceptance of the cloud computing model will fuel an uptick in demand for cloud computing.”

Cloud Security IS Host-Based…At The Moment

The reality is that depending upon the *aaS model you’re referring to, HIPS *is* Cloud Security. Specifically, in IaaS/PaaS environments when you can’t plumb in virtual network appliances (or physical for that matter) then you’re basically left with whatever the provider gives you at the “network” layer (which is usually not much) or you focus on host-based controls. HIPS is as good as any other solution at that point.

Eucalyptus in the cloud: researchers commercialize OSS project

The Eucalyptus project, which aims to provide open source infrastructure for cloud computing, is growing beyond its university roots and is heading straight for enterprise data centers. The key developers behind the project have launched a company with the intent of commercializing the technology, and have received $5.5 million in venture capital funding to get them started.

The Wolfram Alpha Demo Returns, This Time With Actual Footage Of The Service

Yesterday, days of hype culminated in the unveiling of the Wolfram Alpha search engine, which made its debut at a presentation put on by Harvard University’s Berkman Center. Unfortunately the resulting video footage turned out to be an exercise in frustration (or boredom). Not because it was uninteresting, mind you, but because we couldn’t see the apparently innovative search engine that creator Stephen Wolfram was talking about.

Apparently someone has had a change of heart over the media squeeze, because the Berkman Center has posted a new version of the video (or at least 10 minutes of it), this time with footage of the service.

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