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Attention Span 2009.05.01

May Day! May Day!

US 'should go on cyber-offensive'

Unnhh... right... go public with it, and after going public, make sure to establish a new 'Geneva Convention' to make sure that use of the botnet against a hospital's IT becomes a war crime. Can't decide what's worse... the content of the interview or the decision of the Beeb to put it on the air.

A US Air Force officer has told the BBC that his country should create an offensive botnet to target any forces that launch a cyber-attack against it.

Speaking on Radio 4's The Report, Col Charlie Williamson said the US was currently in "defensive mode" on cyber-warfare and that needed to change.


"I recommend that we make our botnet - the botnet I propose - public. The whole world knows about it. That we exercise it on ranges that other countries can see electronically, that they know what we're doing and then they are going to be more likely to back off before doing an attack because they have to take this into account," he said.

70 percent of Kindle owners over 40?

We can't call this the most scientific poll ever taken, but it's probably a good indicator of the Kindle's age demographic. If you add it all up, over half the owners are over 50 and 70 percent are over 40.

Like I said in my previous post, if you look at the Amazon thread, a lot of senior folks bought the Kindle--and now the Kindle 2--partially because the digital reader is easier to handle than regular books for arthritis sufferers. It also helps that you can increase the font size, if you have trouble viewing small print in books.

Unified Computing System Manager Revealed

Omar Sultan has a two part (part 1 and part 2) screen-cast of the UCS Manager. (... now, where's my popcorn?)

OK, so it took a bit longer than I planned, but here is the first of a two-part walk-through of UCS Manager with Brian Schwarz. As context, I would also suggest you check out the prior two posts on UCS Manager here and here.

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