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The Solid State Future.

Mike Speiser has a great post on his blog regarding the role of storage, and specifically the role of solid-state storage in the next major technology leaps.

I particularly like his point that the slavish attendance to Moore's Law in the assessment and adoption of new tech has brought us to a point where the datacenter is out of balance. He posits that SSD will help regain that balance with respect to I/O (otherwise known as networks in today's datacenter that's so dependent on SANs).

Today we find ourselves on the cusp of a transition in storage as massive as the move from tape to disk — the move from spinning disk to solid state disk (SSD, also popularly known as flash memory). While it may appear that the transition from disk to SSD will mean higher CAPEX on a cost per unit of storage basis, that may be misleading. Amdahl’s Law helps us to understand the maximum improvement to a system when only part of the system is improved. Mainframe’s leveraged Amdahl’s Law to maintain balance in a mainframe system between the various components (compute, storage, and so on) to optimize overall system performance.   

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