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Attention Span 2009.05.06

Virtualization continues to pose management challenges


A majority of IT departments are deploying virtualization, but still most don't feel comfortable with the tools and technologies they have in place to manage application performance or troubleshoot problems in the virtual environment, according to recent survey results. ...

The vendor, which asked about virtualization in its State of the Network Global Study 2009, discovered that respondents might not be able to invest in tools to manage these advanced environments, considering 73% were being asked to do more with fewer resources. More than half of those polled that are tightening budgets said such actions can lead to IT degradation and failures, and 65% haven’t experienced layoffs in this economic climate. ...

Digging deeper, when asked what the primary troubleshooting problem was, 78% said identifying the problem source. A distant second (37%) identified monitoring bandwidth consumption as a problem area, while 36% pointed to measuring latency on applications as a concern. About one-fourth reported that handling user complaints challenged them most when managing application performance and 16% cited managing application patches as their primary problem. ...

Citrix Expands C3 Cloud Computing Platform and Program

Following up to the initial debut of Citrix C3 last Fall, the company states that it is now enhancing the C3 platform with the addition of Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop, enabling service providers to deliver Windows applications and desktops as a service. Central to this added functionality is the new Citrix Service Provider (CSP) program which is designed specifically for service providers who provide hosted software services to end users. In addition, the company avers that Citrix C3 has been updated to include new scalable, secure, multi-tenant virtual switch and application delivery controller capabilities. ...

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