Consulting Practice

Telematica draws on the experience gathered from active roles in companies whose offers include email and conferencing, managed file transfer, message oriented middleware, data communication security, high performance computing (HPC), virtualized datacenter management, and data services for consumer and mobile telephony markets.  With our attention to cutting edge technologies and business models for grid computing, datacenter virtualization and security, the emergence of cloud computing has offered our practice a natural point of focus.

The Cloud as a Composition.

When delivered successfully, "The Cloud" is a composed, arranged and orchestrated construction of technology and business relationships.  Not only are cloud technologies and services constructed through technical integration and service bindings, but also through the deft composition of strategic service relationships, technology licensing and collaborative agreement.

The Cumulati practice does three things well: actionable research and intelligence, product strategy development that incorporates technical and commercial determinants of a business, and active participation in executing the business development strategy.   

The Cumulati practice is designed to deliver value to a variety of clients:

For emerging technology companies, Telematica delivers a range of strategic and execution-oriented services that lay the foundation for market leadership and successful financing from venture, private equity or strategic investors.

For established technology organizations, Telematica provides advisory and strategic consulting services to assist in the creation and deployment of new lines of business.

For technology investors, Telematica provides advisory and consulting services to mitigate risk and increase the value of their portfolio companies.

For corporate clients, Telematica provides guidance on emerging technology trends and effective corporate adoption strategies.